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Planning for all M1 courses

ENS 46 rue d’Ulm, 75005. Salle . Bring your laptop for the practicals.


Monday October 3, 9-12h: Genetics and the Genotype-Phenotype Relationship (Course), Mapping the genes underlying phenotypic variation (Course)

Monday October 3, 14h-17h: Gephebase (Course and Practicals), The Loci of Insect Evolution (Homework)

For Oct 10, please do the Genetics Exercices.

Monday October 10, 9-12h: Manipulating DNA, CRISPR and gene drive (Course)

Monday October 10, 14h-17h: Correction of the Genetics Exercices, Interactions between several loci, Epistasis, Super Genes, Pleiotropy (Course)

For Oct 17, prepare a 5-min presentation on one topic related to “The Loci of Insect Evolution”.

Monday October 17, 9h-12h: Genetic screens, Noise, Cryptic Variation, Robustness, Quantitative Genetics (Course)

Monday October 17, 14h-16h: The Loci of Insect Evolution – Student Presentations and Discussion

Monday October 17, 16h-17h: SARS-CoV-2 sequences Practical

For Oct 24, please read “Gene editing is not “precision breeding” and the term is misleading” and prepare several arguments for/against using the term “precision breeding”.

Monday October 24, 9h-12h: The Genetic Basis of Phenotypic Plasticity (Course Jean-Michel Gibert)

Monday October 24, 14h-15h: Discussion on “Gene editing is not “precision breeding” and the term is misleading”

Monday October 24, 15h-17h: Analysis of Experimental Data: Coat Color in Snowshoe hares

October 2021


Manipulating DNA sequences (2021) – SARS-CoV-2 evolution

November 2019

PDF Presentations

Introduction on genetics and the genotype-phenotype map

Mapping the genes underlying phenotypic changes of interest

Interactions between several loci, Epistasis, Super Genes, Pleiotropy, Interactions Genes x Environment

Quantitative Genetics, Noise, Cryptic Variation, Robustness, Epigenetics

Genetic Screens, CRISPR and gene drive

Meta-analysis of the Genes underlying Phenotypic Changes

Genetic bases of phenotypic plasticity (Jean-Michel Gibert)

The Genotype-Phenotype Map for Shape: Insights from Morphogenesis (Alexis Matamoro-Vidal)

Coloration: a great system to study genotype-phenotype relationships (Thibault Lorin)


Short exercices

Various genetics exercices


Analysis of experimental data

Evolution of coat color in snowshoe hares
Evolution of polyphenism in the Lepidoptera Manduca sexta


Gephebase practicals 2019: transposable elements in evolutionary changes

Google document
Gephebase entries related to transposable elements


Gephebase practicals 2018: transitions and transversions in evolutionary changes